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How many awards do we need to fit in this ad?

August 26, 2021



Cedar Springs Brewing Company August 2021 Revue Ad Design

When it comes to combining a few of our favorite things in the world there are no finer examples of this than our fandom for designing great things with the great people over at Cedar Springs Brewing Company.

Long before their launch in the fall of 2015 Designer Alan Garcia worked with the breweries Director of Happiness and longtime friend David Ringler on various projects.

The Challenge when doing any design work for Ringler you ask?

How about trying to crowbar so many awards into the monthly ad we put together.

I suppose there could be worse problems to have then displaying the year after year accolades the Brewery continues to stack up.

Here is a recent beaut that the RU studio threw together for and to see the absolute ridiculous amount of goodies we’ve put together over the years for the brewery hit our case studies section here at


For more information about Cedar Springs Brewing Company and all the tasty treats they dish out on a regular basis head over to